Letters from a former flower child on food and love......
The other day I went to Kanaloa Seafood,a place that sells fresh fish in Santa Barbara.Fish is fresh if it has shiny eyes,firm flesh,and no smell.I bought some fresh halibut and a cute little crab cake.I eat about a quarter pound of fish if I'm eating alone,or 1/2 pound if I'm sharing with my dogs ,Chrissy and Abby,or a friend.I sauted the crab cake in a little olive oil in a small frying pan,on both sides,until golden brown.Can you smell that wonderful aroma? Whoa baby !!!
I pondered what would go with my crab cake,and decided that coleslaw would marry quite nicely with crabbie.So, I looked in my fridge and found an apple,some purple cabbage,a carrot,some parsley,and some fennel.These vegetables were chopped up amd mixed with organic mayonaise. It's basically a salad made up of what's lurking in your fridge. Watch out,this could be dangerous ! I also boiled some tiny red,purple,and yellow potatoes for about 15 minutes and then tossed them with some butter.
Well,here's a simple but colorful,and scruptious dinner that doesn't take alot of time or break your back !
Love......Have you ever noticed that you become similar to the friends you hang out with ? It becomes easy to think,talk,act like them,as well as adopting their values.It is difficult to maintain your own values if your bestest friends have different ones.Let's say you want keep your self sexually pure until marriage,to avoid sexual diseases,pregnancy,and a broken heart.Then it's a good idea to befriend one or more people who are also committed to sexual purity.Make a promise to eachother to stay pure until that wedding night.Checking in with eachother, and asking how you are doing with this promise keeps you accountable, and gives you STRENGTH ! It's like being an alcoholic and deciding not to hang out with heavy drinkers.Decide which friends are safe for you and which friends will be a danger to your life.Keep the safe friends with similar values and morals and say adios to the losers ,the crabbies! Having a hard time finding friends with good morals ? Have you thought of visiting a church with a high school,college,or singles group ? Former flower child advises starting here,and if you don't like it,try another one !
Soo lovies...peace love and coleslaw from me my kitchen to yers..............................................................Poppies
   P.S. Well,guess what ! I don't eat crab or any shellfish anymore because Adonai in the Bible says not to (It's not healthy.)...sooo....please substitute the word salmon anywhere that you see the word crab ! Salmon is so much better for us anyway !