Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hot Spiced Vanilla Milk !

One of my college years was spent attending Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey,California.I lived in a little quaint town next to Monterey called Pacific Grove.My boyfriend and I were vegetarians,and we used to frequent a small hippie cafe called Tillie Gorts,which is still there today,serving the same delicious,comforting foods,desserts,and drinks.
Pacific Grove usually has cool weather,and the nights can be very cold.We used to order a delicious,warm drink on chilly nights that would warm our bellies called Hot Spiced Vanilla Milk,and today they call it Mellow Elixer. I love to make it at home to drink in the afternoon or on a frosty night,as the fire is blazing in the fireplace. There's no caffeine in it which makes it nice for those who can't handle caffeine after 12 noon.Here's my version which may or not be how Tillies makes it.

Hot Spiced Vanilla Milk

Milk ,1 cup (for one person)
1 t. vanilla (I like Mexican vanilla the best)
2-3 t. honey
1/2 t. freshly ground cinnamon and nutmeg ,mixed together (or less)
(I put a whole nutmeg and a cinnamon stick in a coffee grinder and grind together)
1/4 t.cloves ,or less (optional)
Whipped Cream

Put all the ingredients in a small pan,stir, and heat to the temperature you want,but not boiling. Add a little (or alot !) of whipped cream on top,and a sprinkle of the spices if desired,or perhaps some chocolate shavings !
This recipe can be doubled,tripled,ect.,according to how many people you are serving. Ahhh.......make your tummy warm and happy !

On love............Speaking of spices,I imagine that you have heard the expression,"Variety is the spice of life !"I believe that this idea is important in relationships as well.Too often in dating,or in marriages,it's possible,for one partner to become so entranced by the other,that they lose interest in their friends,or in their hobbies and interests outside of the love relationship.You'll hear the friends say,"Mary doesn't do things with us anymore,since she's been dating John". Or perhaps,"Since Grace has gotten married,she doesn't paint anymore".
Keep doing those things that make you interesting,and help you to be who you are.Those are the things that may have attracted your spouse to you in the first place,providing that they are good and wholesome activities. Don't abandon the friends that are wise and loving;those that truely care for you,and who will tell you the truth,even when it hurts.We all need a support team and honest people around us,especially if we're being blind in a relationship that is harmful,immoral,or smothering.Examples of support groups can be a loving family,a support group,a Bible study group,or a prayer partner.
Well,I wish you a belated Merry Christmas,Happy Hanukkah,and a Happy New Year ! May God bless you and your family with touches of His love,a close walk with Him,good health,peace, and joy this year ! Take good care of yourself,eat healthy,exercise,try to find a way to be kind to someone every day.
Much Love,