Thursday, September 25, 2014

Relationships Are Like A Picnic With Variety !

My last post was about a picnic and the variety of  delicious food that was prepared and brought to the vineyard . Can you imagine what the dining experience would have been like if all the courses had been the same ? Six plates of herbed tomatoes...six dishes of banana cake...six servings of cous cous !  Snore...... We would have gone out of our minds and been completely bored !!
   Some spouses in marriages expect the other spouse to be just like him/her, to like all the same activities, to have the same energy level, to act the same, etc. This type of person likes to be in control  and to not allow the other spouse much freedom to be him/herself. We can only imagine the struggles this one sided relationship would have.
   Marriage, like a variety of foods at a picnic, brings two different, individuals together with varied backgrounds, interests, temperaments, strengths, and weaknesses. These unique qualities can damage or strengthen the couple depending on whether the husband or wife are determined to live selfishly, or  if they are willing to appreciate and embrace the differences.Often times,where one person is weak,the other is strong,and vise-versa,which can be a good thing. It is also good to do things that are the same  together, and to have separate interests that make one interesting, as long as they don't hurt the other person.
   If we acted the same as our spouse all the time,then one spouse would be unnecessary. ! Let's seek to understand our differences, grow, learn from one another,and let each other be who God created them to be. Sometimes we just have to have a sense of humor,breathe, and say....that's Fred....or thats's my Sally ! Now go have a picnic...and don't bring boring food.....spice it up lovers !!!