Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Saint Simons Island Food Photography Workshop

Greetings Friends…..
   In November I had the fun experience of attending the Saint Simons Island,Georgia  Food Photography Workshop,with Food Photographer,Author,and Blogger Helene DuJardin,Chef John,Assistant Libby,and 11 other participants.
   The first night inside a lovely rented home,we sat in a circle, introduced ourselves and talked about our interests or professions in relation to food photography. There were food photographers,a cookbook author,a wedding photographer,and others beginning to explore food photography like myself.I am writing a cookbook now and hope to include my photography in it.
   The second day, six of us listened to Helene talk about food photography,and we made tartines (open faced sandwiches) which we photographed outside by the swimming pool.The other six participants were inside the house photographing Chef John as he made homemade gnocchi.We switched locations in the afternoon. Helene had brought loads of ingredients for us to choose from like cucumbers,heirloom cherry tomatoes,parsley,peas,ect.,ect. Here is a picture of Helene making her tartine and a photo of my tartine with hummus,a watermelon radish slice,cucumber slices,peas,parsley,and a heirloom cherry tomato. These would be fun to make with friends at a casual lunch,tea party,or with children.


Sliced bread of your choice
Hummus-any flavor
nut butter
watermelon radishes
safe,edible flowers
whatever else you think of !
   Slice your veggies and fruits thin.A mandoline works great for making beautiful slices.Lay them out on dishes or on a cutting board.Spread your piece of bread with your choice of spreads.Choose the goodies that you want and layer them on top.Make an artistic creation ! Eat and enjoy !!
                          Isn't the variety of foods AMAZING that God has created for us !
                                        Jesus (Yeshua) loves you and so do I !