Monday, June 20, 2016

Escape to a Carmel Valley Paradise and an Apricot Tart !

Have you ever just needed to escaaaape ? Thaaat's how I was feeling the other day ! Needing some time to see feel ocean veg out with a good book....The mood I was in reminds me of the time that I spent about two days in gorgeous Carmel Valley, just inland from Carmel,California, where the air is warmer as one drives away from the ocean.
   So I called my cat sitter, made arrangements for her to take care of Cocoa, Poof, and Ollie, packed my things,and took off for two nights in San Francisco and two nights in Carmel Valley ! These pictures are of Earthbound Farm in Carmel Valley. This is a tranquil place where I like to wander, to have lunch and to take pictures. When you first drive up and park, you can see the organic county store with wooden tables, chairs, picnic tables, benches, and a large indoor/outdoor building where they hold events and classes such as wreath making. I like to see the beautiful organic produce in the store, grab a sandwich from the fridge in front of the store and a drink to have outside. There is a takeout counter where you can order the sandwich of the day, hot dishes, desserts, ice-cream, and coffee. I noticed that more parents are bringing their children there after school to get ice-cream these days !
I love wandering in the back of the farm, as it is a visual delight of flowers,