Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Back in the Day Bakery and Sananna

On the third day,we drove into Savanna to walk around the city,exploring the streets,nooks,crannies,and the sites.Our first stop was the bakery called "Back in the Day".This bakery was created by Cheryl and Griff, a husband and wife team. He bakes the delicious breads and she bakes the sweets. The interior design was whimsical with lots of pink,baby blue,and turquoise colors.There was a chandelier made of marshmallows, old-fashioned signs hung on the walls and there were were cute dishes and stripped drinking straws for sale. I had a delicious chicken salad sandwich on the best rosemary foccacia bread I've ever had ! My only regret was that I didn't have one of their sweets for dessert ! What was I thinking ?!!
Savanna is a charming town.Some areas have old cobblestone roads.We enjoyed exploring the streets and discovering interesting shops and restaurants. I loved a French store that was filled with treasures from France on two levels.There was a tiny,adorable fabric store where some of the ladies bought fabric to use in their food photography.I found Georgia peach jam and grits in a darling chocolate store.We peeked in Paula Dean's "The Lady and Son's" restaurant and went next door to her lovely gift shop,filled with kitchen items and souvenirs from Savanna.
   Many of the trees had moss hanging from them There were gas lamps,reminiscent of yesteryear.Savanna is located on the Savanna River.One of our gals saw a huge 7 story yacht pull into port there ! I wonder who owns it ?!!