Friday, September 2, 2011

Honey Lemonade

This week turned into a very sad one for my family and me. Our Australian Shepherd,Chrissy,went to Heaven on Tuesday morning. Chrissy was white with red patches,and had gorgeous light blue eyes.She had had cancer for a few years,and I believe that because I had asked my friends to pray for her,God let her live three years longer than the usual twelve years that Aussies live. Chrissy just about drove us CRAZY,but we loved her anyway! She used to open the front door handle,and race around the neighborhood ,with our Cocker Spaniel,Billy,terrorizing the neighbor's dogs. Scaling a six foot fence was nooo problem for her. I would leave her at a kennel when I went out of town,and the paper I.D. collar that they put around her neck read "Escape Artist",because she opened doors there too and ran amuck ! One time I received a phone call from the local gelato man,who was about a mile from my house ! He said,"Your two dogs are here at my shop,having gelato with me !" Ha,we really got a chuckle out of that escapade....those dogs weren't dumb !

I could see that Chrissy was very weak on Monday night,and my daughter Courtney suggested that I sleep next to her.I stroked her and held her paw and told her,since she was very protective, we would be ok,that she could leave us. She breathed her last breath,raised her front leg in the air,and floated away to Heaven. We will really miss Chrissy.

Well,what do people say when you've been handed a bowl of lemons,but to make lemonade. My making lemonade will be to thank God for allowing us to have had Chrissy, to remember all the funny shenanagins with her, how she fiercely loved us,and how we loved her.

To make a glass of Honey Lemonade,mix together in a 16

The juice of 1 lemon
2 T. honey
Stir these together until well blended.
Add 14-16 oz. water (I use spring water)
Stir. You can add any kind of berries,or mint leaves for extra flavoring, and a thin slice of lemon.

To make a pitcher of honey lemonade,multiply this recipe 4 times.

May God bless you....Au revoir !

When my three daughters,the ABC girls (Courtney,Brittany,and Ashley),would come home from school,I enjoyed putting out a variety of healthy snacks,as well as honey lemonade. (I am three quarters Swedish,and I think I inherited the Swedish custom of putting out 5 or 7 snacks for guests.) Correct me Swedes if I have my numbers wrong !
This is a very welcome drink to give to your gardener,the traveling Vet,or any friend on a hot day !

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