Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Carmel Fun !

 Carmel is a quaint little village like town,where the shops and restaurants have cute European exteriors and interiors.The gorgeous ocean with it's silky white sand is just a few blocks down the hill.
   One of our MUST HAVE visits is to a wonderful French/Mediterranean restaurant called Casanova !! It was formerly a rustic little house,now converted to a Provencal-like restaurant with a charming patio. There are intimate tables with French linens on them,a  3 cherub fountain that softly gurgles,colorful lights strung around,and a private room where rests a wooden table that Vincent Van Gogh had been seated at in Provence,France.

One of the fabulous items on the menu is their Spinach Gnocci.! Every time I go there I order it !! It is the best gnocci I have ever had ! The little gnocci pillows are melt in your mouth heaveness and they are nestled in the richest,creamiest,buttery tasting sauce EVER !!! There's a picture of Sharon and I sharing two desserts....a  scrumptious peach/lavender pie and a to-die-for lemon tart ! The tart had a layer of lemon cream and a layer of lemon curd,I believe. Oh I hope you can visit this charming,romantic town and restaurant some day !

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