Thursday, October 27, 2016

Daughter's of Simone Goes to New York Bridal Week !!

   I had the wonderful  and exciting experience of going to New York City during Bridal Week, to attend a runway show that two of my daughters, Brittany and Ashley, were involved in, with their wedding dresses !!  As I look back, to how the seeds began of their wedding dress business, I remember the fun that my three daughters had as children putting on fashion shows, after we had  bought new clothes for school or summer. Ashley recently told me that she used to go hide in a corner in our house, and look at my Vogue magazines, after I had torn out the less modest photographs ! Their company is called Daughters of Simone, which specializes in romantic, bohemian looks. The show was put on by One Fine Day, a wedding fair group from Australia, a very kind and helpful group of people. Several of them asked me if I was Simone, to which I had to say 'no, that's the name of a  French author.' There were eight other designers from countries around the world participating as well.

   My daughters invited me to come early to do a little hand sewing on a dress that was going to be hanging in their display room, and when I walked into the venue, it was like walking into a beautiful soft white dream. All the walls were painted snowy  white, with vintage white furniture, and dreamy, beautiful, mostly white dresses hanging on white racks.  You could see cool architectural views of New York City through the windows which added  a soft glowing light, perfect for those of us taking photographs. Was this real or a dream !!?
   A separate floor where the runway was located, had white floors, white walls, rows of white chairs, and a large paned window with a  multitude of creamy white candles of various heights in front of it. This array of lit candles proved to highlight the  anticipation and drama of the models entering the runway ! My girl's father and I were surprised and  blessed to be given front row seats.

    The models walked out to an assortment of  hip music choices and it was interesting to see the varied styles and fabrics from beaded, to chiffon, to lace, and more.  After each group of models walked the runway, most of the designers came out and waved to the crowd, to the applause of the audience. My daughters decided to follow their models and walk the whole runway, celebrating the culmination of their hard work and accomplishment ! Those of us family and friends who were there clapped and cheered...rather loudly  I'd say !
   I think back in time of being a fifteen year old, when my fellow classmates and I had to write papers on the careers  that we envisioned for ourselves in the future. I wrote about my dream to be involved in the fashion I became an artist and a teacher instead, ha ha ! I didn't have a clue as to how to break into the business, but I guess that G-d didn't forget my dream though, as now I get to live it through my daughters ! Well, I'll is full of so many unexpected  surprises and blessings ! Thank you Brittany and Ashley for giving me such joy as I watch you living out your dreams and helping to give brides such happiness, wearing your beautiful dresses on their wedding days ! Yahooeeee !!! Aaaannnnd check out everyone !!



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